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Therapy With Haley offers individual, couples, and clinical supervision sessions. All sessions take place virtually, either by phone or secure video platform. Read more about the available session types below!

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Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy

Individual sessions will focus on reaching your self-identified goals and building coping strategies to improve your general well-being. My role within these sessions is to facilitate collaboration and redirect discussions to ensure that we are focusing on the items we have identified to be most important for your growth and healing.

Individual work is focused on, yet not limited to, the following general topics:

  • Understanding and shifting emotions, thoughts, and behaviours

  • Exploring the various areas of your life and how they contribute to your perceptions about yourself, others, and the world

  • Navigating relationships

  • Exploring past trauma and working towards healing

  • Examining and positively shifting body image, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness

  • Building coping strategies and self-care routines

Pricing For Individual Sessions:

  • Intake Session - 80-minutes ($175)

  • Returning Session - 50-minutes ($175)

  • Returning Session - 80-minutes ($262.50)

Couples Counselling & Psychotherapy

Couples sessions focus on enhancing communication and openness between two individuals. My role in these sessions is to facilitate the space for both parties to feel that they are able to share, participate, and be heard in an empathetic and therapeutic capacity. Couples therapy is a collaborative process between all parties, while keeping in mind the unique needs and differences of each individual. Although couples therapy is often done with romantic partners, these sessions are also open to other dynamics as well (i.e. Parent-child relationships, roommates, siblings, etc.). 

Couples work is focused on, yet not limited to, the following general topics:

  • Improving communication and trust

  • Understanding complex backgrounds and perspectives of both parties

  • Creating a safe space to tell stories

  • Enhancing skills in respectful confrontation and boundary setting

  • Exploring repetitive patterns, recurring tensions, and ongoing rifts in the relationship

Pricing For Couples Sessions:

  • Intake Session - 80-minutes ($200)

  • Returning Session - 80-minutes ($275)

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Clinical Supervision

Supervision is available to fully licenced clinicians who are willingly choosing to seek out consultation with an experienced therapist for the purpose of professional growth, support, learning, and accountability.

Supervision is focused on, yet not limited to, the following general topics:

  • Deconstructing and analyzing clinical cases

  • Discussing issues of transference and counter-transference

  • Reviewing therapeutic orientations and interventions

  • Supporting in understanding the impact of ethics, use of self-disclosure, codes of conduct, regulations, and legal parameters in private practice

Pricing For Supervision Sessions:

  • Individual Session - 50-minutes ($150)

Phone: 289-205-2522


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